Kiridashi by Chiyozuru Sadahide II - Matte Finish

$890.00 AUD

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The now-retired Chiyozuru Sadahide II put his tools down at the end of 2018 having reached the peak of his profession. Honoured by the Emperor himself for his contribution to Japan's tangible culture, there are few better recognised smithing names in recent history than the Chiyozuru title.

This beautiful kiridashi is a phenomenal example of the smith's art. It's elegant lines carry a definite air of certainty, with a hand-laminated blue paper steel cutting edge that does not deviate in an expression of confidence and power. Impeccably hand-lettered on both sides of the knife, the bevel side is black acid finished, while the reverse is a soft silvery matt finish.

As Chiyozuru Sadahide II has now passed his mantle to his apprentice Chiyozuru Sadahide III, these kiridashi will no longer be manufactured. This kiridashi represents a not-to-be-repeated opportunity to own a piece of Japanese smithing history.