Kiridashi Marking Knife with Sheath

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This beautifully crafted Kiridashi (marking knife) features a traditionally formed blade with hard steel cutting edge and soft iron backing. The blade takes an extremely keen edge and is easy to sharpen on a flat waterstone thanks to the large surface area of it's bevel. The blacksmith has chosen to leave a tooled finish on the unground surface of the blade.

The handle of this knife is made from Japanese Pagoda tree wood and shaped to sit comfortably in the hand during use. Each knife ships with a matching sheath to protect the blade, or the user's hand, from unintentional bumps when stored or not in use.

These kiridashi are available with the bevel on either side of the blade to account for the hand preference of the user. Right handers will generally mark with the tool in their right hand against a straightedge supported by the left hand, and so require the bevel to be on the right side of the blade, allowing the flat back of the blade to ride truly against the straightedge. Conversely, left handers will generally require the bevel on the left side of the blade.

In some instances, for example when marking a line in a direction away from the body, or when required to use a non-favoured hand, it can be useful to have an opposite-handed knife available for use. For that reason we also offer a set of left- and right-handed kiridashi.


Weight: 66g each

Japanese Pagoda Tree wood

Aogami core steel

Category: Knives, Marking Knife

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended