Kitchen Knife - Gyuto 240mm

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Forged by Hikari in Japan, the Gyuto-shaped chef's knife features a traditional shape with a long flat bottom that makes it well-suited to being used with a slicing action. It will be equaly comfortable preparing vegetables, fish and meat, though it should not be used against bone or other joints. This is the larger of Hikari's two Gyuto shapes we carry, click here for the smaller 210mm sizing. With a little care and practice, it will provide many years of keen-edged service.

As with the other knives in Hikari's kitchen range, the the Gyuto features a stunning matt black forged finish. Its cutting edge is of high-carbon steel forged between outer layers of softer steel. The Gyuto will take an extremely keen edge and sharpens beautifully on waterstones.

Every Hikari kitchen knife ships with a complimentary bottle of camellia oil to allow our customers to care for the knife as part of their usual wash-up routine - since this knife is forged with traditional metallurgy, it requires regular care and maintenance.

Both the cutting edge and the rest of the blade should be hand-washed after use, rinsed in hot water and dried thoroughly. Best care practise is to give the entire blade a light coat of camellia oil to prevent oxidisation and preserve its edge between uses. The free bottle of oil that ships with this knife should give many years of use.

For best results we recommend regular honing and edge maintenance with Japanese water stones. Click here to view our entire range, or if you are looking to begin a collection of quality honing tools, we recommend the complete sharpening kit.

Please note that this traditionally forged knife should never be put through a dishwasher.

Blade : White paper carbon steel core clad, outer layer is soft iron

Handle : Sandal wood with black pakka wood ferrule

Logo : Hikari in Kanji by hand engraving

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