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Kumiko and Shoji Frame Marking and Cutting Kit - Left Handed

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This high-quality kit includes all the basic tools needed to mark, cut and clear the small half-lap joints that are required for the frames of shoji screens and kumiko. It represents a saving of 15% over purchasing these components separately and automatically qualifies for free regular shipping inside Australia at checkout.

This kit includes; 

  • Our fantastically fine 210mm Nakaya dozuki saw with crosscut tooth profile. Utilising a 0.2mm thick saw plate, this saw leaves kerfs 0.3mm thick and is capable of following scribed knife lines.
  • 2x 150mm hatagane clamps, used to clamp the frame members together for accurate and repeatable marking
  • 2x 180mm hatagane clamps
  • 1x shirogami kiridashi marking knife in either 18mm or 21mm sizing depending on availability. These high quality knives use premium steel and will take a razor edge. Please specify whether you would like your knife bevelled for left-handed use or right-handed use above. This is used to mark cut lines in the frame that the saw will later follow.
  • 1x 9cm Shinwa try square for transferring dimensions across all members of the frame from the master stick.
  • 1x 3mm Shinogi Nomi , perfect for clearing out your half laps once both sides of the joint have been cut.

For those looking to learn more about shoji and kumiko making, Toshio Odate's book on shoji is instructive and inspiring. Similarly, Des King is a master of Kumiko and a prolific Australian maker and teacher of the craft. His books can be bought through his website and are a goldmine of information in the field.