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Leather Craft Knife by FEDECA

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As comfortable as holding a pen, with a beautifully sharp blue paper steel blade, cutting out leather is made easy with the Leather Craft Knife by FEDECA.

It is in Miki-shi, Hyogo that this leathercraft knife was created, through joint development with leatherworker Masaoka-san of 'PENGURI LEATHER AND FABRIC'. During this collaboration the guys at Fedeca established three qualities required for a unique knife.

1. Superior operability
2. High quality blade
3. Ease of maintenance

The blade is approximately 1.5mm thick and uses blue paper Yasugi steel loved by professional craftsmen. It is this fine blade which makes it is easy to steer the point of the blade to cut curves.

The blade is easy to maintain with a sharpening stone.

Single edge with blade
Two levels of blade Yasugi steel indigo-blue paper 2 steel
Walnut Handle
Brass Screws

Length of Blade: 23mm
Thickness of the blade: 1.5mm
Full length after assembling: 145mm