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Marking and Measuring Set

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We have taken a suite of our most useful measuring tools and teamed them up with our popular marking knives set to offer you an elegant set of solutions to all of your marking and measuring needs.

The set of marking knives is perfect for left and right handers and for marking in any direction against a straight edge.

The supremely versatile 45 and 90 degree mitre rule allows you to lay out snug mitres, but this tool can also be used as a regular square and is perfect for box making and framing.

Our set of three flexible hardened stainless steel rulers in 100mm, 150mm and 300mm means that you will always have the right measuring tool on hand. These satin-finish rulers feature only whole-mm increments (no half-mm lines to get int he way) that make for the most easily read ruler scales we have encountered. The bent pick-up profile in the extreme end of the ruler means you will not be left scrabbling at them to get them off a flat bench.

The two ruler stops give this kit great versatility. The largest is compatible with the 300mm ruler, and smallest with either the 100mm and 150mm rulers. They converts your ruler into a depth and marking gauge to give you quick, repeatable and dead-accurate measurements.

This set represents more than a 15% saving over the cost of purchasing these items separately and is a great way to add a large number of premium tools to your kit at a very low cost. All of these tools are sure to become the go-to option very quickly in your shop.