Marking Knife - Kiridashi Right Hand Bevel

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This marking knife has a right handed bevel. The handle and sheath are made of brass. The blade is made of hardened stainless steel. This knife is ideal for marking out joints and cutting thin material. It makes a great addition to any woodworker's tool set given that it's inexpensive, of high quality, and Japanese made at the same time.

Left or Right?

A right and left hand bevel can be used in either hand. If you use a ruler to help mark a line with the knives, you would be able to mark on the right side of the ruler with the left hand bevel and the left side of the ruler with the right hand bevel.


Overall length: 128mm

Edge length: 35mm

Blade: stainless steel

Blade thickness: 1mm

Brass handle and sheath

Category: Marking Knife

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended