Marking knife, Shirogami 2 carbon steel, Right, 12mm

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Japanese Tools Australia

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These marking knives are forged with laminated shirogami #2 (white paper steel) cutting edges. Available in a range of sizes, they are hollow ground along the length of their back and feature a traditionally textured forged finish on their front.

Kiridashi are designed to be run along a straight edge, scribing lines precisely and severing surface fibres in preparation for sawing or chiseling. As the flat back has to act as a referencing face, these tools need to be selected according to the hand that they will be used in.

In other uses, Kiridashi are often also utilised by carvers, especially in their smaller sizes. in these applications, the location of the bevel is less important.

For best results, lapping the back of a kiridashi flat will give the woodworker access to it's full potential. Although it arrives relatively sharp, it can be honed to a much keener edge than the manufacturer has given it. Please note that sizing measurements are taken across the width of the tool at the start of the bevel - they are not an indication of bevel length.

The pictured Kiridashi are of the left-hand model. The right-hand models are identical, except for the placement of the bevel.