Miniature Japanese Tools Set - 8 pieces

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This miniature tools set contains:
  • 3 chisels
  • 1 scythe
  • 1 marking knife
  • 1 water stone
  • 1 traditional ripping saw
  • 1 plane
Even tough this set is in miniature form, each tool is fully functional as they are made in the same traditional manner as the general size tools.
Each tool is hand forged by experienced Japanese blacksmiths. They are finely made and capture the true beauty of the art of Japanese tool making.
The chisels, knife and scythe are made with laminated white paper steel and soft iron. The ripping saw and water stone are fully functional as well.
The set comes in a Paulownia timber box and makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates fine hand tools.

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended