Mirka Dust Extractor 915 ANZ

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This Mirka 915 ANZ is a highly versatile industrial dust extractor designed for heavy use by professional tradespeople.  

Mirka's 'L' class filter captures the dust created when wet or dry sanding wood, synthetic sheeting, drywall, gel coats, paints and fillers, and is easily refreshed with a tap on the filter cleaning mechanism on top of the unit.

The 915 ANZ's automatic electric start means it can be attached to any sanding unit and left to its own devices, and its adjustable suction comes into its own when quiet sanding is required, or when using unpowered pads to finish a surface. The earthed hose connection eliminates static electricity in the hose and ensures clog-free airflow, and a fleece dust bag is included to maximise efficiency and ease of use. 

Technical Specifications

Dimension LxWxH (mm) 450 x 360 x 600
Volume flow air (l/min) 3700
Weight (kg) 10
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 59
Vacuum (mbar) 250
Tank volume (l) 30
Main frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power input (W) 1200
Voltage main supply (VAC) 230


Dust free sanding is an innovative technique that prevents the dust, which is created from the sanding of a surface, from wafting across the surroundings. Where does the dust go?

 The dust so produced is collected by the dust extractor that works in conjunction with the abrasives. The dust so accumulated inside the extractor can be disposed of later conveniently. 

At Best Abrasives, we provide Mirka Dust Extractor for your dust free sanding operations. This advanced, easy-to-use equipment comes with electric start and a powerful suction inlet that can handle any amount of dust influx. However, the suction level can be adjusted according to the requirements.

 When it comes to safety feature, this product has it all. The fully enclosed body of Mirka Dust Extractor allows for minimal interaction of the internal parts with the environment; therefore, it is safe to be operated even when the kids or pets are around. Also, an earthed hose connection is established in order to allow for an easy passage for static electricity to the ground. 


Mirka Dust Extractor operates at 230 volts AC at 50/60 Hz. You need not install any intermediate stabilizer or power conditioner for this device; plug it directly into the mains and it’s good to go!


Mirka Dust Extractor is designed in a tower-type configuration. It can be manoeuvred into congested spaces easily, thanks to the built-in caster. Its polycarbonate body is highly resistant to mechanical strain and even withstand the rigours of everyday use.

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