Mukomachi Nomi Mortise Chisel 6mm

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Hand-forged mortise chisel by Watatoku, Watanabe San, an experienced blacksmith form Nagaoka City.

This hand forged mortise chisel is made from thick White Paper steel laminated with soft iron. It is ideal for large deep mortise and cutting out end grain. The cutting angle is set at 30 Degrees which is perfect for driving through end grain in both soft and hardwoods. Please note that any chisel with an angle below 30 degrees should not be used for mortising, these lower angled chisels are for light driving and hand paring.

This mortise chisel, like most Japanese chisels, is made to be struck with a steel hammer. The tang of the chisel runs through the handle and the tapered ferule sits perfectly around the handle, this combination enables the handle to transfer the energy to the work surface and to withstand heavy impacts.


The White Paper steel is 4mm thick and wraps 7mm up the side wall of the chisel.

Width 6mm

Length 246mm

Height 12mm

Japanese Red Oak handle.

Category: Mortice Chisels

Type: Chisels

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