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Nakahashi Mortice Bit - 15mm

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Our premium mortice bits are made in Japan by Nakahashi. Nakahashi represent excellence in mortice bit and other specialty tooling manufacturing since their founding in 1955.

For those who have invested in a hollow chisel morticer, equipping these specialist machines with high-quality bits represents the best possible way of getting the most out of your investment.

Nakahashi mortice bits outlast lesser quality drill bits, cutting cleaner for longer in both hard and soft timbers. They are also resharpenable, though there are certain facets that must not be altered in order to preserve the bit's cutting geometry.

    Dimensions (mm):
  • A: 15
  • B: 120
  • C: 40
  • D: 120
  • E: 19
  • F: 11.5