Nakaya Japanese Dozuki Dovetail Saw Set

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This is the ultimate Japanese dozuki saw set for cutting fine joinery. These two saws allow the user to tackle both crosscuts and rip cuts with accuracy and precision thanks to their extremely fine kerf.
These two saws complement each other perfectly in most joinery situations. For example, the rip-profiled saw makes short work of cutting the cheeks of a tenon, while the crosscut profiled saw finishes off the shoulders beautifully. The rip saw is also perfect for cutting pins in a dovetail joint, while the crosscut saw follows a line beautifully while cutting the tails.
This set contains:
Nakaya is one of the most prominent saw makers in Japan. The Nakaya Dozuki Extra Fine saws are an absolute pleasure to use due to their efficient cutting which results in a beautifully fine finish.

The Nakaya Dozuki saws feature the following:

  • The blades are made from Premium Swedish steel
  • The blades are replaceable with minimal effort
  • The saws have a comfortable rattan handle

Category: Dozuki Saws, Saw Sets

Type: Saws

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