Hand-forged Nakiri Chef's Knife

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This beautiful knife has been hand forged by master smith Red Orca, who apprenticed under and continues to work with his father in Kochi Prefecture.  

The blade is made from two hand-beaten stainless steels forged in the smith's distinctive pattern and acid-etched to give the different layers subtle distinction and a totally unique pattern to every individual knife.

The blade transitions from a refined edge to approximately 2mm thickness relatively quickly, giving the blade more heft than other traditionally forged Nakiri knives and making it well suited to heavy chopping even with dense ingredients that more brittle blades would usually avoid, such as pumpkin or potatoes.

The handle of this knife is a modern synthetic micarta, produced by coating cotton in resin and placing it under high pressure while the reactive agents set. The result is a highly polished and extremely hard material that well-suited to knife handles thanks to its durability and ease of grip.

Using such an advanced handle material with a stainless blade forged in such a recognisable shape reinforces this knife's uniqueness as a traditional form interpreted in thoroughly modern materials. It will give many years of faithful service even in the most demanding kitchen environments.

This knife ships from JTA with a complimentary bottle of camellia oil to allow our customers to care for the knife as part of their usual wash-up routine. Although this knife is not as susceptible to oxidisation as high-carbon based blades, it does require regular care and maintenance.

Both the cutting edge and the rest of the blade should be hand-washed after use, rinsed in hot water and dried thoroughly. Best care practise is to give the entire blade a light coat of camellia oil to prevent oxidisation and preserve its edge between uses. The free bottle of oil that ships with this knife should give many years of use. 

For best results we recommend regular honing and edge maintenance with Japanese water stones. Click here to view our entire range, or if you are looking to begin a collection of quality honing tools, we recommend the complete sharpening kit. 

Please note that this hand forged knife should never be put through a dishwasher.

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