Naniwa Diamond Whetstone #600

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This stone has a 2mm layer of diamond on the surface of a machined flat and anodised aluminium plate. This stone can be used for sharpening a wide variety of materials including glass, ceramic, high carbon steel, high speed steel, carbide and so on. It has low to zero maintenance as the surface does not wear off. The 2mm layer of diamond will last you a lifetime. This is the best stone to have because of its ability to sharpen any material and due to the layer not wearing off.

The stone also comes with a Nagura stone, which is a small stone for re-dressing the surface after metal build up.

Prior to use, it is advisable to spray it with water or soak for a minute or two.

Its dimensions are: 210mm x 75mm x 16mm.


Category: Water Stone

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended