Nakaya Ryoba Saw, Professional Onikatana 240mm

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The Onikatana is a premium Ryoba saw made from high-quality Swedish steel with a proprietary hard chrome plating. Echoing the fabled swords of the Samurais that it is named after, this superb tool combines traditional graduated tooth sizing on both blades with the best materials to deliver a fantastically sharp, incredibly precise and extremely versatile saw.

The 240mm Onikatana is an intermediate saw that can be used to rip and cross-cut in the dimensioning of boards, and can also be pressed into service on larger joinery. It's graduated teeth make commencing cuts easy and allows the user to place the beginning of the kerf exactly where it is required.

The Onikatana's high quality means that it will retain its edge even through long periods of use. We stock replacement blades for the onikatana in this size here.


  • Blade Length: 240 mm
  • Overall Length: 600 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.6 mm
  • 20 Teeth per 30 mm Cross-cut
  • 9 Teeth per 30 mm Rip-cut
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A superb instrument. It cuts quick and true. I hope that it stays sharp as long as claimed.

David O.


I have just purchased this saw and i was very surprised at how accurately you can cut with this saw.A very nice product and i would highly recommend

Peter S.
Japanese Tools Australia

Hi Peter, We're thrilled that the Onikatana has given you a pleasant surprise. It is an excellent tool and we're sure you'll find plenty of use for it. If you find Japanese pull saws enjoyable to work with, our dozuki saws are also worth a look for the cutting of fine joinery. We always love to see what people make with our tools, if you'd like to share feel free to email us or tag @japanese_tools_australia on instagram. Wishing you happy woodworking, The JTA Team


Fine saws

Bought the saws and did not expect how precise and clean the cuts made by the saws. They are now my everday saws. Good bye western style saw!

Michael G.

240mm Nakay Onikatana Ryobya Saw

Christian was really helpful in giving me fantastic user advice on what saw would be best suited to my needs. This Saw cuts just as expected clean, accurate and fast its a great tool to use. It took me a bit to get used to the rip side but once I got a feel for it it cut fast and clean. I ripped a 19mm x 100mm x 500mm American Oak board into two 8mm x 100mm boards with ease much to my surprise. Its now the saw I reach for every time I need a quick clean cut. Once again fantastic service from Christian and great product. I highly recommend this saw for any one wanting good quality Japanese tools. Kate Adamson, Horse and Kart Woodworks

Kate A.


First time with a Japanese saw, never to go back to Western style again. What a difference a tool can make! Long handle to guide cut, with greater precision, thin blade, rip and cross-cut in one tool, light weight saw: I never thought I could enjoying sawing. And good services. Very pleased