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Nakaya Ryoba Saw, Professional Onikatana 270mm

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The Onikatana is a premium Ryoba saw made from high-quality Swedish steel with a proprietary hard chrome plating. Echoing the fabled swords of the Samurais that it is named after, this superb tool combines traditional graduated tooth sizing on both blades with the best materials to deliver a fantastically sharp, incredibly precise and extremely versatile saw.

The 270mm Onikatana is a very large saw that is well suited to ripping and crosscutting large stock. It's incredibly sharp teeth are sized to take big bites, speeding up stock dimensioning without compromising accuracy of cut.

The Onikatana's high quality means that it will retain its edge even through long periods of use. We stock replacement blades for the onikatana in this size here.


  • Blade Length: 270 mm
  • Overall Length: 680 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.8 mm
  • 13 teeth per 30 mm Cross-cut
  • 7 teeth per 30 mm Rip-cut