Ouka Santoku - 165mm, Gingami #3 Steel

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Japanese Tools Australia

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This premium knife is made entirely by hand at the Nigara forge in Aomori prefecture. With 350 years of blacksmithing history, the Nigara forge can trace it's work back to the first sword it produced for local lord Tsugaru Tsumugi.

The word Santoku translates as "three virtues" or "three uses", and it is from it's versatility that this knife gets it's name. Equally adept at preparing meat, fish or vegetables, the santoku can be rocked on it's point to slice as well as used to chop.

The octagonally profiled handle uses black pakka wood and honduras rosewood and is comfortable for both left and right handed chefs and cooks, while the heel of the blade is relieved to allow a high grip on the knife when required.

The blade is a lamination of hand-hammered outer leaves with a Gingami (silver-paper steel) #3 steel cutting edge. Gingami is a premium stainless steel from premiere Japanese maufacturer Hitachi heavy metals. It combines the usually mutually exclusive properties of good sharpness and edge retention while not tarnishing or rusting when well maintained.

As with all handmade knives, this beautiful piece of functional art should be cleaned by hand washing only (please avoid the dishwasher) and dried after use. While it's fine profile makes it a fantastic performer on the bench top, it should not be used to cut frozen foods or bones. Between uses, we recommend giving the knife a light coat of camellia oil to protect it from moisture and rust and storing in a dry place.

For best results, all Japanese knives should be sharpened periodically. For those who are starting out in the world of sharpening, we recommend our Complete Sharpening Kit as a cost effective beginning point.

Cutting Edge length: 165mm
Blade Length: 185mm
Overall length: 315mm