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Premium Joinery Saw Set

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For those who want to buy the best and keep it the best, this pair of hand-worked dozuki saws by Hishika complements each other perfectly with a dedicated saw for rip-cuts and cross cuts, and arrives with the perfectly sized Matoi saw bag to keep them safe, secure and together.

Hishika is an extremely traditional Miki city-based saw smithy that still invests huge amounts of handwork in it's saws. The scraping  marks on the plates are obvious to the naked eye, and once a saw blade's teeth have been cut and set, a Hishika smith dedicates himself to checking every one while sitting at an anvil with a single fluro bulb as a light source. By this light the smith can check each saw for imperfections in the straightness of the plate and uniformity of the tooth set, and any error, no matter how minuscule, can be corrected by this skilled craftsman on the spot. 

This labor intensive process creates a saw that is unmatched in smoothness of cut. They are a true joy to use and a premium joinery saw option that we take the opportunity to demonstrate whenever we can.

Storing such beautifully made saws in a way that protects and maintains them can be difficult, especially without a dedicated cupboard or tool box. To this end we are offering them with our beautiful canvas saw bag, capable of taking these two saws and one other should it need to, and a bottle of camellia oil for wiping saw dust that can contain moisture from the blades after use. As these plates are made of a high carbon steel, we recommend a light coat of camellia to keep them from developing surface rust and storage in the bag for protection of their edges.