Printmaker V-Gouge 6mm

$65.00 AUD


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This 6mm V-gouge is made with a laminated HSS edge backed by softer steel. This gives it great edge retention and enables it to be forged in very small cross-sections. We are not aware of any other manufacturer laminating these materials in carving tools, and continue to love working with these great edges.

It is perfect for adding detail on woodblock prints and 3D objects. We advise users to cut only along the axis of the tool, with forward (not downward) pressure.

This gouge's handle can have it's brass ferrule removed to pivot open, revealing the shaft of the cutter. This can be used to adjust the length of the tool that protrudes from the handle, or reveal more in the case of wear or breakage. In both instances a few extra tools are required to make these modifications.