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Screw Pitch Marker

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Designed for those installing sheet material, this tool will mark out your screw holes at the required interval and at the right distance from the edge of your material.

The small yellow tank in the back of this unit holds the same ink used in Shinwa's ink lines.

Riding above the ink tank, the marking cartridge uses a silicone band with a single marking nib. The band rides your board, and for every one revolution of the band, it will lay down a single marking point at the same interval every time.

This interval can be varied by stretching silicone band, and so the unit ships with two cartirdges to allow you to do just that.

The first cartridge sets the interval at 100mm or 150mm, while the second sets the pitch at 200mm, 250mm or 300mm. The can be easily changed over, and the spare cartridge is stored on the unit while not in use.

One you have the pitch dialled in, lock the unit to the T-rule at your desired distnce from the edge. Run the guide rule down your sheet of plywood, gyprock or villaboard and - hey presto! - your screw holes are marked accurately and consistently in one pass!