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Sculpture Carving Set, 8pcs

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This 8-piece set can be used for every stage of the sculptural carving process, from roughing out to final finishing. 
Michihamono has designed these tools' handles to be substantial in the hand while still encouraging fine control. This is so that they feel good whether housing large or small cutting edges. As such, switching between tools doesn't require a recalibration of grip or technique.
All flat- and u- shaped chisels use these 18mm-diameter cherry handles. They also all feature excellent white paper (Shirogami #2) cutting edges. 
The skew chisel uses hinoki (cypress) for it's handle, and a HSS edge as found on a wide variety of Michihamono's excellent tools.
This set ships in a simple vinyl case. 
2x Flat Carving Chisels (9,18mm)
2x U-Gouges (6,18mm)
1x Shallow U-Gouges (15mm)
1x 6mm V-Gouge (60 degree V)
1x Skew Chisels (9mm Right, HSS laminated edge)
1x Carver's Keyhole Saw
All handles are approx. 180mm long, with the shirogami edged tools measuring 240mm and HSS tool measuring 210mm.