Set of Carving Knives Hiro - 9 pieces

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The Hiro 9 piece carving set is the ultimate comprehensive carving set to have for any wood worker and it will last you a life time. It is highly sought after and not very available as Hiro has limited its production. The blades are forged high carbon steel. The handles are of Teak wood. The set comes wrapped in a moulded canvas roll.

There are 3 very versatile knives in this set, which according to carvers are the only profiles they need. Wood workers are also praiseful about the versatility of the small hand saw as this saw allows you to remove larger areas of material without much effort. The 2-sided file is perfect for taking out chisel marks.

This 9-piece set contains:

  1. Knife: 9 mm
  2. Kiridashi: 12 mm
  3. Kiridashi: 21 mm
  4. Gouge: Sweep 6/5 mm
  5. Gouge: Sweep 6/12 mm
  6. Flat: 10 mm
  7. V Chisel: 8 mm
  8. Saw 75 mm, Tooth Pitch 1.5 mm
  9. File: Rough/Fine, 52 mm

Category: Carving Chisels

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended