Shapton Professional 3-Stone Set #2

$318.00 AUD


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    This set includes:
  • #1000 Shapton Professional Stone
  • #5000 Shapton Professional Stone
  • #12000 Shapton Professional Stone

Containing a medium, fine and super-fine stone, this set will allow the user to refine blades that have lost their edge, bring them back to sharp and then extend the capabilities of their tools or knives by finishing on the super-fine #12,000.

Shapton professional stones are hard-wearing ceramic stones that combine premium cutting agents with a fairly firm binder. The lower grits require only a splash of water before befing put to work, while the finishing stones can benefit from a couple of minutes' soak before use.

All Shapton professional stones are sized 210mm x 70mm x 16mm and incliude a stackable plastic case that can be used as a stone base.