Shinwa 100cm Ruler

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We love Shinwa's rulers for their readability and useability. These measuring tools exemplify the difference that well-thought out design and manufacturing choices can make to a simple tool.

Shinwa have done away with finnicky half-millimetre increments, leaving only whole millimetre markings on both edges of the rule. This makes it very easy read and negates the need to count or decipher lines when measuring.

Ingeniously, Shinwa have also applied a satin finish to these steel measuring instruments. This eliminates reflections from overhead or benchtop light sources, allowing your eyes to relax as you lay down you marks.

The surplus end of the rule has also been adjusted, and instead of being left flat is given a raised profile. There is no need to scrabble about on the bench trying to lift a flat ruler with a finger nail - just push down on the "pickup" end of the rule and the rest of it pops off the bench, or use the profile as a pickup point.

Finally, as if these details weren't enough, Shinwa have added the option of attaching a stop to their rules. This transforms them into a sort of hybrid combination square. Set the stop to your chosen measurement and lay out the same measurement repeatably and easily. Run the stop, ruler and a pencil along the edge of a board to use it as a basic pencil gauge.

These rulers are available in 10cm, 15cm, 30cm, 60cm and 100cm sizes. This large 100cm (1metre) rule is well suited to big projects where accuracy matters.