Shinwa Precision Square - 75mm

$55.00 AUD


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This square is a precision tool manufactured by Shinwa to specific tolerances. In it's 75mm-long form, the blade measures 75mm along it's long edge, is 13mm wide and has a 50mm long base.

We have found this small square excellent in the checking of small components and marking out joinery. It is equally at home in the shop of a woodworker or engineer.

All Shinwa precision squares ship with a factory warranty of squareness. This model's tolerance to square is +/-9.5μm along it's blade. If it should not meet these tolerances, it is covered by a factory warranty. Please note that rough handling or dropping of the tool would void this warranty.

This square is beautifully machined from S50C carbon tool steel. It ships from the factory with a protective layer of oil applied. While this needs to be removed before use, we recommend storing this square in it's box or in a location where it can't accumulate dust. If left unprotected for long periods of time, these squares may be susceptible to rust - though none of ours have yet been affected in our workshop.