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Sigma Select II #1000 Waterstone

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Sigma's Select II range is a different beast to anything we have previously used. These ceramic stones feel quite "loose", with slurry-rich actions full of cutting particles. They have been formulated with high alloy steels in mind, making them a great pairing with Western tool steel blades.

The #1000 Sigma sits on the coarse side of that grit rating, as it needs to in order to efficiently bridge up from it's aggressive cousins. It wears quickly and needs to be kept flat (we recommend our Atoma diamond plates).

Although it is slightly more aggressive than other #1000 waterstones, we still find it to be a good starter for restoring a dulled edge. Consider moving from this stone to a stone in the #3000 range, rather than a larger leap up the grits.

202 x 77 x 30mm

For best results we recommend soaking this stone in water for about 10 minutes before use.