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Sigma Select II #240 Waterstone

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Sigma's Select II range is a different beast to anything we have previously used. These ceramic stones feel quite "loose", with slurry-rich actions full of cutting particles. They have been formulated with high alloy steels in mind, making them a great pairing with Western tool steel blades.

The #240 is the coarsest and softest stone in the Sigma range. We highly recommend that care is taken to keep it flat - it wears quickly to stay aggressive, and if you are looking to generate a flat bevel, you will need a flat stone.

It works hard and is the obvious choice for refining a reground bevel off a grinder, or taking chips out of an unfortunate edge.

205 x 78 x 25mm

For best results we recommend soaking this stone in water for about 10 minutes before use.