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Slipstone - #320

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Suehiro's Field Activity range is designed to be used outdoors with a wide range of tools and steels.

The #320 stone measures 100×25×6mm and packs down into it's own hard plastic case, staying protected in your pack, ute tray, tool box or pocket.

It's small size not only makes it ultra portable but also very good for getting in to small areas to sharpen the tricky spots of scissors, secaters and other hinged tools.

It will, of course, be a great match for axes, hatchets, outdoor knives and your other sharp tools that follow you on your adventures.

Although it is printed with the words "oil stone", Suehiro also recommend lubricating it with a small amount of water. Once oil has been used once, it will be easer to continue using oil as the lubricating medium.