Sosaku Baren - Sumi (For Outlines)

$87.00 AUD


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This hand made Baren Made with a coiled inner thread and a bamboo leaf cover.

There are two varieties available:

Sumi - has finer inner coil which is better for details, lines and fine work (Navy Blue Box)
Beta - has larger inner coil which is better for printing flat areas of colour (Light Blue Box)

Both will work for all applications of printing, our all-round recommendation is the Sumi. The Beta baren gives much heavier pressure which is useful for printing techniques that require this. Having both allows you to do a range of work.
Both baren come in a protective cardboard box, as pictured.

Sumi and Beta baren look identical from the outside, however they come in a different box and have a small stamp in katakana on the back of the baren body to identify each.