Start Them Young Carving Set

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Carving combines creative thinking with a tactile craft that requires patience and concentration. If there is a young person in your life that enjoys making things their own and exploring new worlds, this set makes a wonderful gift for children and teenagers.

It includes:

  • The It's My Knife Kit, carving knife that requires you to shape the handle to your own design
  • One of our small Huon Pine spoon blanks, ready to be carved into any sort of spoon-y shape
  • Our 9mm spoon gouge, for hollowing out the spoon bowl
  • 2x chopstick blanks, for practice and enjoyment for younger children looking to try a simple carving exercise. Turn them into chopsticks, flag poles or anything else you desire.

For those who would like an extra bit of insurance with this set, we recommend the small size of our kevlar carving gloves for children and the medium size for teenagers. While our gloves are a handy defence against errant edges, we still recommend that practice and good technique is the best defence against nicks and cuts while carving.