Steel Hatagane Clamp 900mm

$79.00 AUD

Japanese Tools Australia

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The hatagane clamp is a simple, effective tool that can be used in glue-ups as well as marking out applications.

In projects where consistent and identical markings need to be transferred across multiple pieces of timber, such as shoji framing and half-lap joinery, hatagane provide the perfect solution for isolating several members for the transferring of lines.

They are also excellent aids in the glue-up of small panels and appropriately sized boxes.

These clamps use recessed detaining points along the bar to capture the locking screw at 30mm increments, allowing for plenty of force to be applied through the clamp if required.

900mm Model:
Max Clamping Capacity: 910mm
Min Clamping Capacity (using detentes): 587mm
Bar Thickness x Width: 16mm x 6mm
Height of Clamping Head from bar: 33mm