Suehiro Gokumyo Ultrafine Waterstone - #20,000

$487.00 AUD

Japanese Tools Australia

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The Gokumyo range represents the finest waterstones that Suehiro manufactures, in both grit selection and quality. These stones are not pressed or fired on any equipment that makes lower grits than those of the Gokumyo range, and all manufacturing is carried out in a seperate manufacturing space within the Suehiro factory. This completely eliminates the possibility that any other compound might contaminate these super-fine stones. For those that require the ultimate in edge honing, we can recommend no better than the Gokumyo range. These stones polish at a super fine level, and will come into their own once the user is able to achieve consistent results with 6,000 or 8,000 stones. Super hard and super smooth, they are a pleasure to work with. Dimensions: 205×73×20mm All Gokumyo stones ship with a rubber sharpening stand and a dressing stone.