Taheiji Carving Chisel 10 piece Set

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The Taheiji Carving chisels have pencil like control for precision-carving. They are that efficient and easy to use as they offer that much control just like with drawing. It is sheer joy to use these tools.

These beautifully balanced and lightweight tools are perfect for print-block making, relief carving and fine detailed work. The chisel are hand forged with blue paper steel and laminated with soft iron, making them the most premium detailing chisels available. These are the best tools to translate your movements onto your medium. The set comes in a beautiful Paulowina Box. The set contains:

  1. 3mm gouge
  2. 3mm flat chisel
  3. 4.5mm v parting chisel
  4. 6mm v parting chisel 90
  5. 6mm gouge
  6. 6mm right hand skew
  7. 9mm flat chisel hollow ground
  8. 9mm right hand skew
  9. 9mm gouge
  10. 9mm bend gouge

Category: Carving Sets

Type: Carving

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