Yoshinosuke Shirogami Tailor Shears, 240mm

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When you have spent hours perfecting and refining a pattern to perfection, the last thing you want to do is try to cut it out on your final fabric using the wrong equipment.

With the wrong equipment and incorrect preparation, you can end up undoing all the hard work that you put into your pattern after countless toiles and alterations, as using the wrong cutting techniques can mean that the final fabric may end up getting pulled and distorted while you are trying to cut it. 

The most traditional method is simply with a really good pair of sharp tailor’s shears. If you are serious about your scissors, you will buy a good quality pair, never drop them, sharpen them regularly, oil the joint with a drop of machine oil and keep them wrapped in a case to protect them. Investing in a good pair of scissors is worthwhile if you will take good care of them as you will have them for a long, long time. 

  • Hand forged Shirogami white paper steel
  • 4" blades (10cm) 
  • 10" long (24cm)
  • 238g
  • Protective blade sleeve and storage box

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