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Tapered Reamer and Tenoning Set

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This is some of the best fun that can be had with timber. This matching set creates tapered mortices in timber, and allows the woodworker to create a matching tapered tenon on the outside of any section that will fit through it's included sizing ring. Once cut, the two will fit tightly and can be fixed with glue, pins or drawbore pegs.

This tool is designed to eliminate knots in boards and large section timbers by drilling through them and filling the void with a matching timber. We, however, have had a great time putting it to work making a side table from green timber. Fine furniture it is not, but a great example of the capabilities of this tool.

A three-jaw chuck is required to get this tool up to speed. We were able to get good results out of battery-powered drills, though the speed should be kept below 1500 rpm to reduce heat in the cut. The tenon cutter blade is made of resharpenable HSS, while the tapered reamer is resharpenable by Star-M in Japan (please note: we have yet to cost this process).