Tasai Mokume Shinogi Oire Nomi - Set of 6 with Ebony handles

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Master blacksmith Akio Tasai is a famous blacksmith from Niigata working in Sanjo city.

For over 65 years Master Tasai has been making chisels using the most ancient methods of forging, folding, and hammering by hand. These techniques are considered to create the best and most beautiful chisels to come out of Japan.

Master Tasai uses Yasuki blue steel in the making of his chisels and an ebony handle, which owing to its heavy weight provides a perfect balance for the forged blade. The blue steel is wrapped up the blade edges to give this part of the chisel more support.

Master Tasai's chisels are more than simply great tools for the craftsman, they are works of art.

The chisels are sharpened and ready to use. Each chisel has an overall length of 220 mm and a blade length of 60mm. The steel in this set has the Mokume (meaning 'tree grain') Damascus pattern, which is one of the many reasons why Master Tasai is so famous. Spiralling Mokume can be seen around the neck of the chisels. The blades have been slightly cranked to allow the backs of the chisels to run parallel to the work surface without the handle interfering. This is particularly important for this style of chisel as the 25 degree bevel is perfect for hand paring.

The iron hoop has been fitted; the chisel is ready to be used. Both the iron hoop as well as the ferrule have been hand forged. Every part of this set has been meticulously made with careful consideration.

The set comes in a beautiful Paulownia wooden box, which is signed by Master Tasai. Each ebony handle is airtight wrapped, which needs to be removed prior to use. This set is perfect for dovetailing and making fine joints. It is also a collectors' item due to the growth in demand for Master Tasai's skilled craftsmanship.

The set contains the following size chisels:

  1. 3mm
  2. 6mm
  3. 9mm
  4. 12mm
  5. 18mm
  6. 24mm