Tasai Shinogi Usu Nomi 6pcs Ebony long handles

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Master blacksmith Akio Tasai is a famous blacksmith from Niigata working in Sanjo city.

For over 65 years Master Tasai has been making chisels using the most ancient
methods of forging, folding, and hammering by hand what are considered to be the best and most beautiful chisels to come out of Japan.

Master Tasai uses Yasuki blue steel in the making of his chisels, and an ebony handle, which owing to its heavy weight provides a perfect balance for the forged blade.

Master Tasai's chisel are more than simply great tools for the craftsman, they are works of art.

The chisels are sharpened and ready to use. Each chisel has an overall length of 220 mm and a blade length of 60mm.

The set comes in a beautiful Paulownia wooden box, which is signed by Master Tasai.

It contains the following size chisels:

  1. 3mm
  2. 6mm
  3. 9mm
  4. 12mm
  5. 18mm
  6. 24mm

Category: Long Handle Paring, Tasai

Type: Tools

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