The Shaku Measuring Set

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For those who have always wanted to try their hand working in traditional Japanese measurements, this set is a great way to dip a toe

The set includes;

For those who have never explored this system, the shaku increment is a traditional measurement in Japanese carpentry equivalent to 303mm. It is subdivided into 10x sun (each 30.3mm), each of which are further subdivided into 10x bu (3.03mm).

The sashigane has a traditional profile, with a thick corner and thin edges that allow it to be used with ink-based tools without causing ink to bleed under the square. It's front face displays the shaku-based measurements.

The long arm of the sashigane is one shaku long, with the whole numbers each denoting a sun, and the increments between the whole numbers with triangular tails denoting bu. The bu themselves are subdivided with half-bu measurements (1.5mm) for the first 3 sun on the short arm and the first five sun on the long arm.

All too much? Flip the sashigane over and enjoy the familiarity and comfort of the metric system!

The rulers in this kit have the same benefit in being usable either for shaku- or metric-based measuring. They are designed to be read along the top edge zero-ed at the left hand corner, with Shinwa's beautiful matte hard chrome finish applied for excellent readability on all markings.

The 15cm ruler includes half-bu markings in the first sun, and the 30cm ruler includes half-bu markings in the first three sun. Significant numbers are picked out in red.

This kit comes with a 32cm Toyo Steel toolbox in your choice of black, green, red or silver.