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The Toreador - Set Of 5 Bullfighter Bench Chisels in Roll

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Furniture, joinery and cabinetry often require a selection of smaller sized bench chisels for cutting small mortices and tidying tight joints.

We have selected 5 of our most useful small sizes for this set including the 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 24mm Bullfighters, which all arrive with a chisel roll. Already excellent value Japanese made chisels with high carbon steel edges and hollow ground backs, by combining them in this set we are able to offer them even more affordably.

This set is an excellent introduction to the world of Japanese tools. As with almost all Japanese chisels, for best results their hoops will need to be set, their backs lapped with a kanaban and their edges honed - for those starting out we recommend a complete sharpening kit.