The Veggie Patch Kit

$170.00 AUD $200.00 AUD

Japanese Tools Australia

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For your nearest and dearest who love digging, sewing, planting and harvesting, we have put together this fantastic box of tools just in time for Christmas.

It includes;

  • Our Hori Hori with Serrated Blade - for digging holes, cutting twine, measuring spacing and depth, and so much more.
  • A Flat-Bladed Sickle - for moving earth, and cutting out weeds.
  • A Harvesting Sickle - a toothed sickle, excellent for cutting through stalks and stems on broccoli, cauliflower and stemmed greens.
  • A Radiused Whetstone for Garden Tools - to keep the flat-bladed sickle and hori hori sharp (#500 grit)
  • A Hip-roof Toolbox in your preferred colour (Black, Red, Silver) for keeping it all together.

Keep them busy scratching around in the garden this summer with a gift they will love!