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Tough Gear SD 5.5m Measuring Tape

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There are tapes, and there are tapes. This is a Tape.

What makes a good tape good? The first is strength. This tape's carbon steel core allows it to be extended about 2.5metres while supporting it's own weight. 

Then readability - the black text on white base is clear and easy to read.

Accuracy? Yes - this one is certified to JIS Grade 1 standards. The self-correcting zero-point hook is not magnetic.

Smooth operation - the housing incorporates a shock absorber to reduce impact when retracting quickly, and the nylon coating on the tape itself keeps everything moving smooth.

Finally, convenience. This tape comes with a locking belt-clip holder. Fasten it to your webbing, belt or toolbag to have your tape within arm's reach at all times. It detaches with a push of the red button on the top, making it a one-hand operation to grab the tape and put it back. It ships with a strap which can be easily attached to prevent it ever being picked up and walked away with by the wrong person, or left off to allow for more flexibility.