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Tough Gear HG 7.5m Measuring Tape (Stainless)

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The Tough Gear HG is the go-anywhere take-a-beating workhorse that all tapes aspire to be.

Uniquely in Shinwa's range, the tape itself is stainless steel, as is the interior spring. The tape has been given a rust-resistant baked finish that gives the surface a speckled silver finish. It's nylon coating covers both sides to protect all parts of the tape from friction and scratching.

The measurements on the tape are large, easy-to-read whole numbers with each 10cm increment picked out in red. The reverse side measures and reads vertically, meaning the tape never needs to be twisted to take a reading.

The housing has a shock absorbing rubber jacket to protect the Tough Gear HG from drops and falls, as well as a shock absorber for the tape retraction mechanism. A heavy duty safety cord can be attached to the bar to keep the tape clipped to your belt or webbing.