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Wood Boy Silky Saw - Braced saw (Dozuki)

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The Woodboy Dozuki saw from Silky Japan offers exceptional quality with non-set teeth and a taper ground, chrome-plated blade. A smooth pull-cutting edge, results from the 32 teeth per inch pattern. The thin flexible blade is perfect for intricate joinery. The maximum depth of cut is 1-3/4".

The blade folds easily, via a quick thumb release button, into the aluminum alloy handle which is rubber-gripped and coated for ergonomic comfort. The blade locks in two positions for tight spots and kerfing dados. The length of blade and handle in the open position is 22" (560mm). In its closed position it measures 12" (305mm). Blade length is 9-1/2". Blade kerf is 0.65mm. Depth of cut is 45mm.

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