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Small Joinery Kit

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Nail Size

Experience the unique art of Japanese Joinery with this wooden nail set.

Simply select the nail size you would like and included is the matching tapered drill bit, along with a 115g Japanese Genno Hammer.

  • XSmall - L35mm x D3.5mm tapering to 1.8mm   
  • Small - L45mm x D4.7mm tapering to 2.2mm         
  • Medium - L60mm x D5mm tapering to 2.5mm 
  • Large - L87mm x D6mm tapering to 2.5mm

Japanese Wooden Nails can be used for joining timber together in place of metal fastenings. They can be used on rebates and lap joints, they can also be used for decorative contrasts in different coloured timbers. Perfect for making musical Instruments and for Luthier as the timber nails will not affect the resonance of the instrument. The wooden nails are also ideal for restoring old furniture.

Each size has a tapered drill bit is perfectly matched to a particular sized wooden nail, this allows the surface area of the hole and nail to be completely and perfectly in contact. The small tolerance of this contact allows a great amount of pressure to be applied to the job.

The 115g Japanese Genno is perfectly weighted with one end flat and the other end slightly convex. This drop forged hammer is ideal for assembly work but can also be used for striking Japanese chisels and adjusting Japanese planes.