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Yari Kanna for Carving

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This beautiful tool is occupies a very specific place in Japanese carving practice, and has been designed to be used in that making of Noh masks. 

However, it's extremely fine bevel angles, subtle sweep and laminated aogami edge all combine to create a tool that, with practice, can be used to add delicate and nuanced facets to both carvings and furniture. 

All Yari Kanna are subtle instruments to use well, and we found this one to be no different in that respect. The sweep of the blade changes along it's length, so using the last third of the blade gives a different cut to the adjacent (flatter) middle section. Added to this the variables of whether or not the back of the blade is lifted and how the handle is skewed in relation to the direction of the cut, and there is a huge amount of room for experimentation. 

We were able to produce surfaces with the glossy finish you'd expect of a hand plane, as well as subtle ridges that could be visible or only discernable with the hand, depending on the way the tool was used. We look forward to hearing about what you will use it for!

As both sides of the blade are sharpened, careful and considered handling of this tool is a must!

Blade edge: Aogami (blue paper steel) #2
Handle: Japanese cypress 
Handle length: 180 mm
Blade tip length: Approximately 70 mm