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Japanese Tools Australia

Yosegi Himitsu Bako - Japanese Puzzle Box Large 21 Times Opening

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Japanese Tools Australia has the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates boxes, puzzles, fine veneer work or a beautiful object. Himitsu Bako, meaning secret box, is a traditional Japanese timber box, which started well over a century ago. Yosegi, meaning timber mosaic from different coloured timber, is unique to Hakone Mountains. It is here where many species of timber are found that create the beautiful patterns.

These boxes are fun and amazing objects. The Himitsu Bako 5sun requires 21 movements to open the lid of the box. There is also a 7 movements and a 4 movements to open the lid. Both the design and engineering of each box are clever and unique.


Small 4 times opening

Its internal dimension are: 42mm x 43mm x 34mm

Its external dimensions: 75 x 58 x 43mm

Medium 7 times opening

Its external dimensions are: 116mm x 82mm x 52mm

Large 21 times opening

Its internal dimensions are: 104mm x 76mm x 42mm

Its external dimensions are: 142mm x 68mm x 95mm