Yoshiwaka Anabiki Saw

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The anabiki saw is a workhorse - large teeth, a sturdy saw plate, and a curved cutting edge that presents as many teeth to the material as possible at any given time.

These saws are forged by Yoshiwaka, a traditional saw-making company in Miki City that employs a huge amount of hand work in its tooth cutting and setting processes. This traditional shape, now rarely seen as the job of making larger cuts has gone to machines, is evocative of the wide range of tools that Japan's specialist sawyers have called upon in the past.

These saws are supplied without handles. For those who enjoy making or modifying their own woodworking tools, these traditionally forged saws are a blank canvas that present an opportunity to add a personal touch to a smithed saw.

    330mm Saw Dimensions:
  • Total length: 610mm
  • Blade length: 330mm
  • Tang length: 200mm
  • Plate Width: 55 to 75mm
  • Plate thickness (back): 0.7mm
    360mm Saw Dimensions:
  • Total length: 650mm
  • Blade length: 360mm
  • Tang length: 210mm
  • Plate Width: 55 to 8mm
  • Plate thickness (back): 0.8mm