Knife Sharpening Workshop with Nari Watabe-san of HAZUKI SHARPENING

JTA is proud to welcome Nari Watabe-san to our workshop following his successful run of knife sharpening classes in 2022.

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Nari-san is a member of Japan Hocho Togi Association, a Japanese organisation focused on teaching and expanding the knowledge traditional waterstone sharpening around the world.  

In these comprehensive classes students will not only learn practical skills, but the theory behind knife sharpening.  

The class will comprise of: 

  • Different forms of sharpening and differences between them.  
  • Basic knowledge on kitchen knives - Western vs Japanese knives; different profiles of knives; Hardness vs Toughness; 3 types of steels used in knives
  • Basic Knowledge on Sharpening - 3 types of sharpness (cutting edges), cutting mechanism, how a knife cut stuff, essential items you need.
  • Basic knowledge on whetstones - how to choose right whetstone grits according to types of food you would be cutting and types of steel used in your knife.
  • Practical Skills - assessing the knife, posture & position, flattening whetstones, how to hold a knife, Hazuki's Technique to determine sharpening angles by using your finger as a guide, Hazuki's Technique to consistently hold the angle, techniques to grind/sharpen the cutting edge, stropping & de-burring technique and methods, best way to test cut, why paper cut tests can give false information, how to touch up knives on a daily/weekly basis in a matter of a few minutes
  • Myth and Pitfalls. Why do so many beginners fail?