Our Favourite Knife, Gouge, Blank, Gloves and Box

Learn to carve

More than simply tools and timber, this set gives it's new owner the chance to explore the art of carving with the best edges and materials available, while also protecting the tools and the carver.

It includes:

Our favourite carving knife, for whittling to shape.
Our favourite carving gouge, for carving out interior curves.
Kevlar carving gloves, to protect against little accidents.
A beautiful Huon pine spoon blank, to get your first project started.
A handmade Japanese style toolbox in European cedar, to hold it all.

We only have a limited run of these beautiful boxes, and as our stash of cedar is finsihed.


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Sharpen your tools

Japanese Tools Honing Guide

This simple, ergonomically comfortable honing guide is very easy to use. The symmetry of the design naturally has you holding the guide in such a way that it hones an edge with ease. This is one of only a few jigs on the market that can accommodate both tapered Japanese plane blades and Western blades and at $139 we think it's an absolute bargain.

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